Hello, I'm Zack Seuberling , a Seattle based design technologist. I'm excited about exploring unusual user experiences, accessibility, and web performance with non-clever code.

Feel free to get in touch to grab a coffee, or if you think I'd be a good fit to help your team design and build interesting things.


A custom CMS with Ruby on Rails focusing on giving the flexibility to hand pick unique design intentions in an unknown digital landscape.

Since many of Bidoun's readers don't have access to high speed internet, the front-end was focused on being as fast and lightweight as possible. A challenging undertaking for a magazine focused on interesting design.

designed and built with Rumors

Building Block

An e-commerce Ruby on Rails web application. We wanted to keep the website out of the way as much as possible, which led us to make most of the information dismisable. Of course, the browsing experience should be as seamless as possible, so preferences are remembered as one browses the site.

designed and built with Brian Watterson and Jack Jennings

Canadian Centre for Architecture

404 Error: The Object is Not Online was an exhibition combining the digital and physical worlds. Collecting cursors from the website visitors with Javascript, PHP and MySQL, we projected these avatars into the gallery space through a custom Processing application. A live feed webcam of the gallery was used as the interface for the website.

designed and built with Rumors
404 Error: The Object is Not Online, 1 404 Error: The Object is Not Online, 2 404 Error: The Object is Not Online, 3

Center for the Humanities

A new CMS (Craft) for a new website that needed years worth of archival material migrated. The Center for Humanities didn't have the budget (or time), to do it manually, so we made the computers do it.

designed and built with Rumors


A new website built with Craft CMS to accompany a new identity. The website is still in active development, but the infrastructure needed to accomodate an easy transition for new features, multiple languages, and mini sub-sites.

designed and built with Rumors

While working with Rumors, I have made exhibitions, websites, and other interactive material for The New York Times, The American Institute of Architects, The Canadian Centre for Architecture, Dissent Magazine, and Rookie Magazine.

Recently, I have been reading Ursula K. Le Guin, listening to , and roasting my own coffee.