2020 in music

For the last 16 years (sidenote, wow!!) I've been using Last.fm to log the songs, albums, and artists I listen to digitally (and even sometimes via analog). These days, Spotify automatically compiles your most listened to songs into a playlist, but since I have transitioned away from relying on streaming services, they have an incomplete picture of my interests and habits. Even before this automation, I starting to keep playlists of songs I've "loved" (2020) and songs that I've listened to the most during the year (2020).

Waxahatchee released my favorite album of the year, and it wasn't even a contest. No other album released in 2020 cracked the top 50. Phoebe Bridgers' Punisher was fantastic, but I didn't listen to it enough.

Cut Worms was a new discovery for me. Their 2018 album Hollow Ground was on constant repeat. And although they released a new album in 2020, but it didn't tug on my heartstrings in the same way as their first LP.