Bidoun, 2014–Present

In 2010, I was a recent college graduate working at Rumors, where we did numerous full-service interactive and strategy projects. Andy Pressman, one of the partners of the studio, became the art director for Bidoun, and 3 years later, the relationship he had built with the editorial and creative team lead to a massive overhaul of their website. Lead by Andy and the Bidoun creative team to redesign how they publish online, I was in charge of building a new, custom way for their workflow.

If you haven't had a chance read a physical copy of Bidoun (they're still available to buy), the website might feel broken. Images in particular don't constrain to typical web flows. They break out of their surrounding boxes and often overlap with other text whic is visible beneath. I'm writing this in 2021 and that notion doesn't feel so radical anymore, but in 2013 we weren't aware of any other digital publications intentionally breaking the internet (PAPER didn't "break the internet" until November 2014, and that was for different reasons).

Bidoun underwent one primary organizational change that was a major influence in rebuilding the website: a shift from print publication to digital publication.