Howdy, I’m Zack Seuberling, a Seattle based front-end developer, ex-designer, and user-exerience generalist. I’m excited about exploring unusual user experiences, accessibility, and web performance with non-clever code.

This website has existed in some form or another since 2001. It has transformed from a teenager's blog, to a graphic design student's portfolio, to a senior front-end developer's proof of being a real live human.

As of 2021, this website is a continual work in progress, an unorganized experiment where I can play with new technologies. It consists primarily as a collection of notes for things I've learned, books I've read, or coding solutions to unusual or tricky problems. It is powered by Eleventy, Sanity and Netlify. I have plans to write a couple notes about how it's made, but for now you can check out the the source code